“We must set up a receiving center. No matter how abundantly the horn of plenty may pour out its universal gifts, we must hold up our bowl of acceptance or the gift cannot be complete. Life is ready to give us all that we desire, but we must first cast from us everything that hinders Its complete expression through us; let go of all struggle and strife, and accept the Divine bounty.” — Ernest Holmes

Life is a banquet of love, joy, and abundance. This reminds me of the book “ Auntie Mame”, in which the feisty heroine exclaims “Life’s a banquet, but most poor suckers are starving to death.” The feast of life has been provided for each and every person. You are constantly offered limitless possibilities for self-expression, creativity, love and joy.

Open your arms and your heart wide! Embrace the bounty and the beauty! Partake of the life that Spirit means for you to live. Don’t settle for anything less!

Contemplate: Imagine the banquet table of life. Are your feasting or starving?

Affirmation: I stand at the banquet table of life and enjoy the rich and bountiful feast Spirit is continually serving. I take all that I need at this moment, knowing I can always go back and get more.