The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little. Thomas Merton

The key to receiving is being alert and available. Practice being a conduit for flow. How are you with what you have? Do you question how long your good is going to last before it runs out or the other shoe drops? What you want is a consciousness of believing this is just the beginning. This manifestation of good is a seed of the greater yet to be, for as you plant your good, more good grows for you. Let your actions reflect your level of trust in the ever-expanding universal good. If you withhold and pull your good out of circulation, its value diminishes. If you agonize about protecting what you’ve accumulated, you are not free. Abundance is freedom.

You want to be in the flow which is endless and everlasting. When you comprehend this, your anxiety simply dissolves. The joy of living is not in embracing what you have, but what you enjoy, and aliveness comes from being in the flow. What good is it to be so tight that you shut yourself off from what’s fresh and vibrant? Let go of all resistance—loosen that grip, relax, and surrender to the affluent flow of Life. Make yourself available to the divine currency that ever replenishes itself as you.

Spiritual Contemplation: Do you find yourself holding tight with concern of losing something, when what you really desire is the endless replenishment of your good? Try doing some seed planting of your good by giving some of what you value to someone else.

Affirmation: I am now in the affluent flow of life!