“The Universal Soul cannot exclude anyone from Its warm embrace. But we cannot be conscious of that embrace while we refuse it to others. Jesus taught the Father(Mother)hood of God and the brother(sister)hood of humanity. This Father(Mother)hood cannot be realized unless and until it includes the brother(sister)hood. In our stupidity, we like to include the Father(Mother)hood for ourselves only. We like to be right among all people. We like to feel that our method is the correct one. But Reality will be accepted on Its own terms.

“These terms include the necessity that we see all humanity on the pathway of one divine and certain destiny; that we be willing to walk along with others, helping and being helped, loving and being loved, giving and being given to, until finally through love and compassion for each other we find that greater love which is the givingness of Life to all who receive it.”

Ernest Holmes, Words That Heal Today