Welcome synchronicity into your life and invite coincidences to happen by getting out of the ruts of your routine.

According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don’t bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous.  Deepak Chopra

Go to a new place, try a new dish, take a new road, talk to a new person. These all allow greater room for Spirit to play more fully with you in your life. Support others in creating space for synchronicity by becoming more present to the coincidences that happen in the workplace and in group activities. By actively naming them and calling them out, you invite the creativity to flow. Don’t be surprised at the magic that starts happening!

Spiritual Contemplation: What was the last synchronicity that happened in your life? How do you see coincidences operating at home or in your workplace? Can you make room for more?

Affirmation: I make welcome synchronicity. I invite powerful coincidences to flow in my life and at my work. Everywhere I see Spirit in action through these unexpected events.

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