Stop and breathe – this connects you to yourself and to Life. Centering yourself allows you to become calm and take a higher, universal perspective.

Look – at whatever is going on in your life. What’s right in front you. Let it be exactly what it is, without assumptions, projections, story. Try to describe it to yourself using as few adjectives or words laden with emotional content as possible.

Listen – your intuition, your inner guidance, will make itself known to you. Listen for the quiet thought, the song lyric, the words from a friend, or the insightful thing you accidentally read. All of these are ways your intuition is speaking to you.

Stop, Look, Listen – Now you can move, decide and act, from a centered, grounded, and guided place. The Universe is always and forever lifting and supporting you, through you, as you. Trust yourself, you are already more grounded and connected than you think.