Meditation has found its way into businesses and corporations because it creates presence and stillness from which newness emerges. Organizational development theory and change management systems are beginning to realize that there is an interior space within each individual, and within a group, that is the space from which people function in the world. If we are not conscious of this space within us or this space between us, we will never know what’s lurking in that blind spot. Sitting in the stillness, in silence by ourselves or in a group, helps us to become aware of this “inner place.” The ancients used the practice of meditation for this very purpose.

The success of our actions as change-makers does not depend on What we do or How we do it, but on the Inner Place from which we operate. Theory U

Meditation is a discipline for strengthening your spiritual muscles of intention, focus, and awareness. It’s also an opportunity to simply “be” and enjoy your own company. Meditation allows you to center within yourself and contemplate/experience the qualities and Presence of Spirit. Even five minutes a day will make a difference.

Spiritual Contemplation: Have you taken the time to sit in the stillness today? Do you sit in stillness and silence with those you work with on a regular basis? How could you accomplish more of this?

Affirmation: I quiet my mind and still my sense that I may become more aware of the inner place within me and the inner place between us.

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