Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration! — Thomas Edison

Being creative may start with an idea, but then it moves into implementation.  This is often the place where it fizzles out because of a lack of discipline, drive, and willingness to stick to it.

“You can do it!”   “Attitude is everything.”   “Believe you can, and you can.”  These are not simply empty words.  This is a powerful formula for the alchemy of consciousness that causes you to succeed.  This is the discipline required of you to do what you want and to create the life and success you desire.  Yes, you CAN do it! Just start, and then stick to it.

Reflection:  Am I easily discouraged?  Do I easily give up?  What attitude do I have towards my goals and dreams?

Affirmation:  Yes, I Can!  Spirit supports me!  I am consistent, committed, and diligent in moving toward my dreams and goals.