How do you stay focused on your intention, while waiting for it to become something real in your life? This is perhaps one of the hardest aspects of spiritual living. The best analogy I know is the seed in the garden. When you plant a carrot seed, for instance, you know you want carrots, you expect carrots, and you assume you will get carrots. You know this, even before you can see any little leaves poking out through the soil. And even then, it’s still weeks before you can pick the fully grown carrots.

The same is true with your intention. Once you have set your intention, you stay focused on the end result. Even when you can’t see anything happening, you know it is. Once little things start happening along the way, you know it may still be some time before it’s fully grown. Be patient, stay focused, and remember the carrot.

Contemplation: Where am I being impatient with growth and expansion in my life? What helps me remember to be patient?

Affirmation: I am patient. I trust and know the demonstration is on its way.