Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  Robin Williams

The spring equinox is that time in the Earth’s annual cycle around the sun when night and day are of equal length. It’s a time of balance when one side is the dark half of the year and the other is the light. It’s been marked since the most ancient of days, as when the Sphinx aligns directly with the rising sun while in Cambodia the temple of Angkor Wat has been designed so there’s a three-day lead-up to the spring equinox when its highest tower is crowned by the rising sun.

Seeds planted in the fall burst forth from the earth, and birth triumphs over death. It’s a time when the powers we’ve been developing through the winter can be put into creating . . . the time of the alchemical process . . . and the time to initiate a new order within your life. Access the vibrant energy of nature for healing and accelerate your growth by opening yourself for the newness of this amazing season of spring.

Spiritual Contemplation: Can you feel a tipping point in your life toward a new transforming energy changing an otherwise heavy vibration to that of a lighter one?

Affirmation: I love the Spring!