Failure is good. It’s fertilizer. Everything I’ve learned about coaching; I’ve learned from making mistakes.  Rick Pitino

Each and every person is a perfect spiritual being! This is profound Truth. It is equally true that we are all uniquely imperfect in the way we express our perfection. There is not one person who has it all together or will never make a mistake or experience failure. Relaxing into this truth makes us better friends, partners, employees, and leaders. When we don’t expect perfection in outcome but see perfection as the truth in each other, then a powerful, creative, and open space is made in which it is a joy to work and live together.

Spiritual Balance means living in harmony with your inner perfection and your outer imperfection. It is seeing your wholeness, while having compassion for your failures and mistakes. It is seeing this same truth in every person we work with or live with. Spiritual Balance is knowing that the Divine is breaking through the human, bringing Heaven on Earth, right here every person’s life!

Spiritual Contemplation: In what areas of your life do you expect perfection from yourself? Hoe do you hold your failure and mistakes? How have you inflicted this on others? What would be another way you could look at this?

Affirmation: I learn and grow from every experience. I nurture others as they learn and grow. I no longer try to be perfect nor do I expect perfection. I am authentic and do my best instead.

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