My favorite psychological definition, stripped of any romanticizing, is “A positive regard for another which includes wanting what is best for them.”  The ancient Greeks were smart enough to have 3 words for Love – Eros, Philia, and Agape.

None of which spoke about loving chocolate or things or even experiences but only about the ways human beings relate to each other.  And then we come to Science of Mind, which states that “Love is the Self-Givingness of Spirit into Its creation”, “Love is the impulse behind creation”, and “Love is the impulse of Life to express.”   

We begin by reawakening our eyes of wonder and awe. This allows us to See Love! Or to notice all the ways we don’t see love due to the way we are looking. How do we regard each other, the people around us, and most critically at this time, our beautiful planet? Are we in awe of the Presence of Life? Are we able to wonder at the uniqueness of each being? Do we wonder about the possible, the hopeful, and the meaningful? How can we recreate newness in our relationships by discovering what is wonderful and awe-inspiring in those we love?

To find our deeper sense of wonder and awe we need to disrupt our love of comfort, convenience, conformity, and the utilitarian and easy ways to want our engagement in life to be. We Make Love Real by seeing all the ways and places it is already expressed.