To open your heart to someone in relationship means exposing the scars of the past.  Unknown Author

Let yourself love. There is something so wonderful about having a romantic relationship, if that’s what you want. Of course, it’s not necessary for a fulfilling life, but if you enjoy being in relationship, you have to open yourself up and allow love to flow. This means allowing your heart to be open. It means letting go of protections and barriers that have kept you safe. Yes, we’ve all been hurt, betrayed, and disappointed by people. But you are spiritually maturing now! Your new consciousness will attract someone from a new level of maturity and openness if you will allow it. Strive to be open-hearted.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and trusting. Strive for deep and radical honesty that is caring of how things are said. See yourself and your beloved as capable of growing into a mature and healthy relationship. Allow yourself to really enjoy all the benefits of being together—snuggling, talking, walking, caring, vacationing. Let go of any need for it to be perfect—just treasure every moment for what it is.

Spiritual Contemplation: Begin by imagining the kind of door you have protecting your heart. Simply become quiet and allow it to reveal itself to you. Notice its texture and size. Begin to imagine it becoming clear and then permeable. You are in charge of what comes in and out of it, so it can be anything you want to imagine.

Affirmation: I fling open the door to my heart. I no longer need to protect myself. Spirit’s Love is all the protection I need. I allow Love to flow freely in and out.