Since God is infinite, our expansion is progressive and eternal. No matter how much good we experience today, the Infinite has more in store for us tomorrow. We should joyfully look forward to this expansion with enthusiastic anticipation. The march of Life is not dismal, but a song of triumph.
Ernest Holmes

The song of life is forever singing, through all of creation. This song is singing through you. Do you hear it? The melody of your joy glides over the rhythm of your days, sustained on the bass notes of faith. This song pours forth from you whenever you feel most alive. This is the song of Abundance, Joy, Peace, Wholeness, and Love! Let life’s song resound in your thoughts, words, and actions.

Spiritual Contemplation: How much of life’s joyous and abundant song do you sing on a daily basis?

Affirmation: The Song of Spirit is singing in my heart, from my lips, and in my life, praising the abundance and joy of Spirit that is everywhere.

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