Shining the light into areas of life that aren’t working or aren’t in alignment with Universal Truth is powerful work. It’s a little like taking a flashlight down into an ancient basement or dusty attic. The first thing that happens is all these spooky shapes and shadows appear. Once our heart stops racing and we keep ourselves from running away in a panic, we realize that menacing figure is just the shadow of an old coat and hat and that spooky dark doorway is actually a pathway through all the boxes we forgot were tucked away here.

The first thing that happens when we bring Light into these places is we see what was already there. At first, we can’t see it clearly and it frightens us. But when we take the time to look more closely, we can see all the old things we’ve stored away that we don’t really need anymore. So, don’t be afraid of the muck that’s being stirred up. It’s just the Light shining in the darkness so old ideas and unopened wounds can be cleaned up and cleared out.