The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own. Benjamin Disraeli

Everyone equally deserves as his or her birthright all the abundance that you deserve. Realize that the rich, meaningful life that you want to create for yourself is what each person seeks to experience. One of the quickest ways to open channels for your own good is to celebrate the good that someone else is enjoying. This generosity of Spirit is a powerful demonstration of your ONENESS!

Every time we look at what someone else has and feel envious or left out, we are focusing on what we don’t have. This is the very lens, or filter, that colors the way we see and interact with others. Seeing and revealing another’s Good to them or simply celebrating their Good is a joyful way of expressing our oneness. Lifting up another is a powerful way to affirm Good for everyone.

Spiritual Contemplation: When or with whom do you have the most trouble sharing in their joy and success? What is the root of this in you?

Affirmation: I joyously celebrate others success! I joyously share in another’s good!