“The most important question you can ever ask is if the world is a friendly place.” Albert Einstein

Yes, you have had experiences that validate your fear that you are less than, don’t belong, or aren’t safe.  Individuals and society may have shown you the underside of humanity. But you have also had experiences of belonging, connection, protection, and validation. Whatever you decide about the Universe will be reflected back to you and you will continue to collect evidence in favor of your belief. Start today believing that you live in a safe Universe. Start by discovering a new idea about God, Life, the universe and your place in it, from a spiritual point of view. Then begin collecting evidence of all the ways, places and times that this has been true-  in your life, in the lives of those you know,  and in the inspirational life stories of others. If its true for them it is most certainly also true for you. Now set about making that your experience no matter who you are and what is in your past. Yes, you do live in a safe universe.