Your authentic identity is one of empowerment, confidence, safety, and worthiness. It is steeped in the emotional purity of being more than ‘good enough’. Yet all too often, you forget who you really are and energetically disconnect from your true identity. While you may have been born into dysfunction, you were created out of GREATNESS. It’s time to come home to your authentic self, Beloved. There’s absolutely no sweeter or more powerful place to be, which is the Truth of your own beingness.

More about Ester Nicholson

Ester Nicholson, daughter of a Baptist minister, renowned vocalist, former addict, teacher, and author of Soul Recovery – 12 Keys to Healing Dependence – finally realized what her healing called her to, A mission worth living for.

Soul Recovery, the process that Ms. Nicholson developed to heal herself of a life-threatening addiction unifies the 12 Steps of Recovery with universally accepted spiritual practices—and has guided thousands to their recovery and higher purpose.

As A Keynote Speaker

In keynote speeches, retreats, workshops, staff training, and more. Ester shares the stories, inspirations, and lessons learned that led to her transforming journey from addiction and domestic violence to healing, serenity, and success.

“So much of what progresses to dependence starts with how we ‘identify.’ Growing to adulthood is a messy process as we discover who we are. Our identities are forged through life experience and we selectively identify with the experiences that give us a sense of security. That does not always create a positive sense of self—resulting in challenges ranging from feelings of unworthiness to substance abuse.”