Divine Harmony is the balance and equilibrium of an orderly Universe. Chaos theory and quantum science show us that even in chaos there is an underlying order and structure that is creating the container for Life to organically unfold. This underlying structure, understood as the rhythm of life, is absolutely reliable – the turning of the seasons, the experience of life and death and rebirth, the cycle of seed to plant to flower to fruit to seed, the droplet of rain which meanders through creeks and streams and rivers back to the ocean and evaporates again into rain clouds. There is a natural beauty to this rhythm which is often called the harmony of the celestial song.

This Divine Harmony is present in your life as well. Surround yourself with things of beauty, find the rhythm of work and rest, create an orderly home – these are all parts of the container of harmony in which your life spontaneously and organically unfolds. There is a season for every activity and a reason for every relationship. There is a time for an all-out push for manifestation and a time to reap the harvest of your work. There is a time for creating something new and a time for letting things lie fallow.  Relax into the Divine Harmony and the beauty and rhythm of life will carry you wherever you are going.