Resistance to change is proportional to how much the future might be altered by any given act.” — Stephen King

When you decide to make a change in your life you are inviting yourself to step out of your comfort zone. By definition, being out of your comfort zone, means you are uncomfortable. The discomfort usually takes the forms of resistance, excuses, or denial. We resist what is needed to bring about the change. We make excuses for not doing it or following through on what we need to do or stop doing. Sometimes we simply outright deny the need for a change because it makes us so uncomfortable. How many times have you allowed this discomfort to keep you from moving forward?

Resistance, excuses, or denial are important sign-posts that you are close to something very important in your life that has been keeping your stuck in the rut of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid. Look at your resistance. Notice your excuses. Acknowledge your denials. Examine your rut. This is the first step Now that you know these are simply ways you experience pushing outside your comfort zone you can move in spite of them, or you can dissolve them, with your intention to live your change.

Reflection: Where am I in resistance, making excuses or in denial about something I have really decided I want to have changed in my life? How is this about me being outside my comfort zone?

Affirmation: I bold step beyond the edge into the new in my life. I move confidently and easily toward my transformation. I am strong enough to face the changes.