When you try to do things, and they will not go the way you want, leave them alone. White Eagle

A bush pilot flew two hunters into the Alaskan wilderness where they each managed to down a big bull moose. As they loaded up the plane, the pilot explained they had room for only one moose if they also wanted to take all their gear. The hunters objected vehemently, saying that their pilot the previous year had let them take two moose on the same size plane. The pilot’s ego got bagged and not wanting to be outdone, he acquiesced. Naturally the little plane couldn’t handle the load and eventually crashed in the desolate forest. Fortunately the three men survived. As the pilot assessed the plane’s damage, one hunter asked the other if he had any idea where they were. “I dunno,” he replied, “but I think we must be pretty close to where we crashed last year, don’t ya think?”

How many times do you need to repeat your lessons before you get them? What aren’t you paying attention to? A higher consciousness requires humility in order to progress. Since Spirit’s thoughts aren’t your thoughts, entering new territory requires taking the next step from where you are. But if you’re busy repeating patterns, you’ll just circle and crash in relatively the same place time and time again. Give up your old thoughts and positions and accept the higher possibilities that are emerging. Then you can apply the guidance into action.

Spiritual Contemplation: What lesson keeps showing up for you with the same disastrous ending? What guidance aren’t you adhering to? What might you do differently and get a different result?

Affirmation: I follow Spirit’s guidance to glorious new results!