The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected. Swedish Proverb

As the long lazy days of summer fade into memories and the sun fights with the winds of change, there is a lingering of what is to fortify you for what lies ahead. You returned from vacation recharged with the energy of newfound excitement for your daily doings. You found a truth within you greater than all that is in the outer world. With this realization has come a newfound freedom that is yours as a guest of this world.

As a guest of life, all has been provided for you including your food, clothes, and relationships. What you owe in return is to be the best conduit for life to flow through. In order to dwell harmoniously, an occasional adjustment to consciousness is necessary, and taking a break from the routine of the day is an ideal way to get your timing back in place. First adjust your consciousness, and then watch your conditions change naturally. The entire world doesn’t need to be transformed; the illumined consciousness of just one person who returns recharged and renewed to his daily world will make a significant difference. And you are that person.

Spiritual Contemplation: How has the thought of the drudgery of returning to your daily activity robbed your recharge? How can the newfound energy excite you about what you do?

Affirmation: My spiritual recharge is lasting!