The indigenous peoples have lived for thousands of years in harmony with nature and a deep, divine connection. They have listened to their intuitive hearts more than the logic of their heads. Their philosophy has been about living in touch with the rhythms of life. But as importance shifts from the intuitive to the measurable realm of form, the very fabric of the love and reverence that held it all together appears to now be one of pure materiality. Corporations are now endowed with the rights of a person, yet there is no heart or soul to connect them with the Infinite or a deeper connection with humanity and the earth. The link with the rhythm of life that our indigenous ancestors developed for guidance has been severed for certain facts that support power positions.

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.  Dakota

When a man moves away from nature his heart becomes hard. Lakota proverb

It’s time to return from our sense of separateness to the revelation of wholeness and the divine connection, remembering that Spirit is the reality of our heart and soul. The Divine at the center of our being is at the center of all being. When we are in connection with that which is all things, we naturally live in balance with all that is. We remember in our heart and soul that we are part of one global family.

Spiritual Contemplation: Have you lost touch with the internal connection by doing something that is out of alignment with your heart and soul? How can you return to the divine touch?

Affirmation: I live in touch with divine connection.

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