Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. Princess Diana

This would be a good day for some random acts of kindness. It’s human nature to be empathic to others, whether they are in need or just to make them feel good. You never know how bad a day someone might be having and how much just a cup of coffee or a surprise at the register that their lunch has been paid for will mean. A smile, being present for a conversation, stopping to assist a child in need, being patient with a dumb question, or giving away your last chocolate chip cookie are all selfless acts of kindness. Whatever generous expression of love moves through you, so does the butterfly effect, as one small gesture becomes a tsunami of inspiration to others. In addition to the waves of blessings you cast, imagine the upsurge within you when you contemplate how you can be a bringer of blessings.

The more places you leave your random acts of kindness, the fuller your heart becomes as you look through the screen of giving out kindness. As abundance flows through you, the giver can’t help but be a recipient of exponentially expanding blessings. Yet that isn’t why you give. Giving is an extension of your consciousness, and when you give, you are being the activity of God in your life. When you choose to participate in RAOK, you not only set forth a tidal surge of abundant good for the world, but for yourself as well.

Spiritual Contemplation: How and where can you leave some anonymous random acts of kindness in your wake?

Affirmation: My actions create a tsunami of blessing!