The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts. Marianne Williamson

It’s valuable to stop mistaking your stories for the truth. The physical realm is the printout of your awareness. It’s no different from writing a letter on your laptop, hitting print, and having the printer reproduce what’s on your screen. If you notice a mistake, correcting the printout isn’t enough—you’ve got to change what’s on the computer. Similarly, if there’s something you don’t like being printed out in your world, it’s not about rearranging the players in your life but rather you must reprogram yourself. Your experience of abundance with ease and flow is defined by your programming more than by outer circumstances.

Constricting circumstances that aren’t deleted from your programming will strangle your intuition and inspiration for re-creation. Live by intent rather than default. You are more than a creature of conditions—you are a creator of conditions. Life is biased towards life. Whatever is life-affirming gets Life’s flow. It’s right to have your needs easily fulfilled and live in the affluent flow of abundance where your soul’s yearnings are joyously and spontaneously met. The nice thing about your physical printout is that it’s a direct demonstration of whether or not you’ve got your programming correct.

Spiritual Contemplation: Take a look at your life’s printout. It there anything appearing in your life that feels wrong? Take your focus off attempting to shift things around in your outer world and correct the programming that is producing them in the first place.

Affirmation: I am the conscious creator of all in my life and I program for abundant good!