Your mind is the greatest computer there is. You can consciously install new programming, with your intentional thoughts and consistent affirmations. By focusing your thoughts on health, well-being, and gratitude you overwrite old programs of limitation, lack, and disease. Every day, pay attention to how you talk about yourself, your body and your life. Any time you start moaning about any aspect of your body, your well-being, or your health, stop that line of thinking and turn to something else.  Then, first thing in the morning and last thing at night repeat your consciously chosen intentions of health and well-being for at least 5 minutes. You are literally re-wiring the synapses in your brain, and re-programming yourself in alignment with the Spiritual Pattern of health and well-being that is inherent within you. In this way you consciously and deliberately program yourself and your body back to the well-being this is Its essential nature.