Prime the Pump


Everyone wants more – especially money, a greater sense of security, and the ability to buy or do stuff. In our 21st century American culture, it’s also hard to get along without enough money. Science of Mind teaches us, right along with the American Dream, that we have a divine birthright to experience a fulfilled, joyous, and creative life; and that we can have anything we want, as long as it hurts no one, no matter who we are or where we have come from. But do we have what we want? And do we have enough of it?

Faced with these questions and this promise, we set about getting enough – enough money, enough stuff, and enough experiences that we can post on FaceBook. The challenge is that we go about it by working harder, trying to make something happen, and hoping for that lucky break, deal or inheritance. Basically, from a spiritual point of view, we set about trying to create the right conditions and circumstances so that we can have whatever it is we want enough of. And we often end up exhausted, frustrated, and with a nagging sense that no matter how much we get, it will never be enough.

All spiritual teachings remind us that it never works when we try to live from the outside-in… rather we have to live from the inside-out. This means creating an abundance consciousness by using the causal and intentional spiritual laws and by living from the recognition that the abundance of the Universe IS our inheritance.

Let’s “prime our pump” this September by exploring the inner realms of Consciousness and Cause, and together create the abundance we desire and so richly deserve.

 Dr Petra Weldes


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