In everything give thanks. An attitude of gratitude is most salutary and bespeaks the realization that we are now in heaven. How we love to do for those who cooperate with, and are grateful for, our small endeavors! Gratitude is one of the chief graces of human existence and is crowned in heaven with a consciousness of unity. Ernest Holmes

God is always and forever giving of Itself into Creation. Spirit is always providing everything that is needed for life—It is the fountain of Love and Joy and Abundance. We don’t thank the mountain for being a mountain—we feel overwhelming awe and gratitude that it exists and we get to see it in all its grandeur and beauty. In that same way our prayer of gratitude is because we so are grateful for all the beauty and mystery and blessings in our lives and that we get to experience and share them. We don’t say thank you to God because God needs our thanks. We say thank you because we need to be grateful for our blessings.

Spiritual Contemplation: What is your prayer of Gratitude?

Affirmation: I am so grateful that Spirit is my life and that I am experiencing and expressing it in very way I possibly can! I am grateful for all the ways Spirit shows up and blesses me.