Hope is a subtle illusion. Hope is good; it is better than despair, but it is a subtle illusion and is an unconscious compromise and has no part in an effective mental treatment.  Ernest Holmes

There is no place for hope in prayer; when it comes to prayer you must come from knowingness and certainty. You must trust, declare, proclaim, and affirm. Hope just doesn’t have the same kind of oomph or power. In the beginning, it wasn’t called the hope of Spirit—it was the word of SPirit? Hope doesn’t sound Omnipotent. Heck, it sounds wimpy. Spirit is definite and so your prayerful statements must be as well. Wondering and hoping if good may come of your sweet thoughts have no place in powerful declarations of spiritual truth.

In metaphysics there seem to be two very distinct branches of philosophy. One is the mental approach—the other is spiritual. In the mental realm, hope reflects the power of one’s mind over conditions. Alternatively, the spiritual approach is a spiritual realization that there is no power over anything because there is no otherness, and therefore hope is a totally irrelevant piece of the non-equation The Divine Presence opens your consciousness to the flow of abundant good when you open your awareness to Spirit and let It become manifest as you in both word and form.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where in your life do you need to trade in your hope for a knowing of the spiritual truth of the situation at hand?

Affirmation: I trade in my hope for a Divine Knowing!