Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at God’s disposition, and listening to God’s voice in the depth of our hearts. Mother Teresa 

Contrary to popular belief, prayer is not about getting your Higher Power to do something for you. It’s a state of becoming receptive to a greater wisdom than you presently perceive as your reality. When you quiet the concern chattering in your brain, in the stillness Grace can enter your awareness. Allow your prayer to be a time when you silence your mind and commune with the All Knowing and receive that transference so all that proceeds from the mouth of Spirit become your words of expression.

It’s in proportion to your relationship with the Omniscience that Truth imparts itself through you. This is not an activity of your memory but something that emerges from within, lifting you above your desire to change things and speaking from a divine seeing. Your personal sense of “I” dissolves, and you become a beholder of the truth. In this realization, you understand that Spirit hasn’t withheld anything from you and that what you’re looking for is already established for the awareness of the one praying. Your abundant good has already been given because that which is Infinite cannot withhold anything. Give up the need to get and allow your sense of Oneness with the Absolute to be your prayer of manifestation.

Spiritual Contemplation: Give up your need to get and connect for no other purpose but to establish your awareness as part of the Infinite expression.

Affirmation: I am the Infinite expressing! All that the Infinite is, is already mine!

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