Life is a grand adventure, or nothing. Helen Keller

Hiring a new employee, starting a new business, or taking on a new position, all are wonderful opportunities ripe for adventure. How many times do we approach them, however, with a cost/benefit or risk analysis mind-set? How often do we hear or say, “Well, the way we’ve always done it is . . . ”? Yes, sometimes doing it the way it’s always been done is necessary—in things that are very repetitive and need to be exact. However, most things beg for reinvention and new possibilities.

What if we approached each new opportunity as an adventure, as something that takes us right to the edge of our comfort zone and grows us in ways we hadn’t thought of before. An adventure creates openness and brings in new ideas. It invites us to rely on something beyond what we know, and to step out into this new possibility.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where is the adventure in your life? Where are you playing it safe?

Affirmation: I step out into new adventures without fear. I walk with Spirit in Faith!

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