Is this what your procrastination looks like? There was a time in my life when it seemed like everything was just too much trouble. It was too much trouble to pack a picnic and go to the lake . . . too much trouble to do the research on where to take a vacation . . . too much trouble to learn about marketing and budgeting to build the business. Every time I tried to go or do or create—it didn’t happen because it was simply too much effort or seemed like a bother.

Doing what’s expected of you can make you good, but it’s the time you spend going above and beyond what’s required that makes you great!  Josh S. Hinds

I had to learn not to wait until I felt like doing it. I also had to learn not to wait on other people. If it’s important to me, something I enjoy or want to do, I am responsible for moving forward on it. I am responsible for deciding to do it and then following through on it. I know that when we move on our decisions and intentions the whole of the Universe is there to support us.

Spiritual Contemplation: What keeps you from taking that trip, or a day at the park, or starting that creative project? What keeps you from moving forward on creating or enjoying your abundance?

Affirmation: I willingly move on and apply myself to those things that I want to enjoy, create, or share! I no longer procrastinate or wait for anything or anyone.