The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.  Marcel Proust

The endless round of our ordinary lives can dull our ability to see beauty and feel wonder. This is one of the reasons why traveling can be so amazing. Because we see things that are new, we are invited to look with new eyes. When I climb a mountain in the Alps I am in awe of the grandeur, and when I sit in a temple in Bali I see spirituality in a whole new way. When I walk through a German forest I am enfolded in the land of my ancestors. When I sample the wares in a French market I am treated to a host of fresh flavors and a riot of colors. Each moment invites me to stay open, be present, and really SEE life in all its beauty.

This is like looking at life with the eyes of a child, or beginner’s mind as the Buddhists call it. By bringing wonder, adventure, and the desire for discovery into how you view the world, you become open to a new way of seeing it. This invites you to find where Spirit is trying to break through and where love is lingering, waiting to be noticed.

Spiritual Contemplation: What invites you to open and see life with new eyes? How can you build more of this into your life?

Affirmation: I am open to the wonder and beauty of life. I see how Spirit shines through it all.

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