One Love Many Voices


The idea of Living Spirit usually implies that only those things we associate with Spirit, or having a spirit, is alive. Yet metaphysicians and quantum scientists have shown us that even that which appears lifeless, like a rock, a table, or an atom, are not actually “dead” matter at all. Science has looked into the fa reaches of space and the inner workings of sub-atomic particles and seen consciousness looking back.

Everything is ALIVE with Spirit, as Spirit, and this Reality is most often depicted in art, science, religion, and spirituality as LIGHT. From the photons of light at the quantum level to the halo of light seen in auras and religious icons, LIGHT is the visible presence of the intangible essence of Spirit.

Light makes Spirit visible while Love makes Spirit palpable. We feel the presence of the Divine when we experience and express love. LOVE is most present when we practice unconditional, pure, Agape’ Love – the love that sees through appearances, beyond differences, and past the human condition to the Living Spirit in each and every person. This is the LOVE that is the very impulse of Life Itself, which flows through creation as the heartbeat of the Universe.

How fitting, then, in this Season of Light and Love, that we celebrate the Living Spirit through so many different spiritual traditions. Every tradition adds a layer to our understanding and recognition of the Presence. Every tradition helps us explore the truth that Spirit is living, in us, as us, and as all creation.

Dr Petra

We invite you to join us for the following celebrations:


theonenessThe ONEness
Sunday December 4  |  9:15am and 11:15am

Where’s the boundary between the Living Spirit and the Physical Universe?

Using Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom, we explore our Unity and the Oneness of all Life.


thepresenceThe Presence
Sunday December 11  |  9:15am and 11:15am

Are you awake to Love and the Presence within?

Honoring Buddha’s enlightenment and the birth of the Prophet Muhamed, we find guidance on our path of awakening.


theprincipleThe Principle
Sunday December 18  |  9:15am and 11:15am

Do the light and the dark really fight each other?

Exploring the Winter Solstice to illuminate a new perspective on the creative power of intention.


labyrinthWalk the Winter Solstice Labyrinth
December 20, 2016  |  6:00 – 9:00pm
Love Offering

By walking the labyrinth in community with others, we spread healing light to all corners of the cosmos so that the light of unity, partnership and peace returns and prevails.


livingspiritThe Living Spirit
Christmas Eve, December 24  |  6:00 – 7:30pm

Who is the Living Spirit? Where does It live?

Discovering a radical reinterpretation of the story of Jesus’ birth and the celebration of the incarnation.


expressionThe Expression
Sunday December 25  |  11:15am ONLY

How do we bring love to life?

Lighting the lights of the Menorah and Kinara, we recognize our relationships and communities as expressions of the Living Spirit.


burningbowl2017 Burning Bowl
Sunday January 1  |  11:15am ONLY

What can we do to take our lives up a notch?

Releasing 2016, we experience the burn and ignite our intentions for 2017 at this popular, standing room only event.