“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” This is a nice idea, but how do you do it? 1 – don’t let it make you sour! 2 – You certainly need a moment to feel that pucker, so go ahead and feel it for all your worth, and then let it fade as it inevitable while. 3 – turn your attention to this question- “Now What?” This is how you start making lemonade. “Now What?” asks, Now how do you cope, make the best of it, or turn it around? “Now What” opens the doors to possibility and allows you to set a new intention without requiring you to make nice or pretend you didn’t just bite into a lemon. “Now What?” invites you to imagine the next moment with creativity and a cheerful expectation that you can, in fact, make lemonade. 4 – Or you can throw the lemon out and make coffee instead.