Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. Thich Nhat Hanh

Have you ever watched the clouds taking on their unique shapes and then transform into something else before they just float out of existence? Have you ever watched a forceful storm blow in from the horizon in all its fury? Maybe you’ve even seen a tornado twisting through the sky or sucking the water out of the ocean. Or watched the whole sky disappear in a whiteout from falling snow or dense fog. Where did the sky go in all of these scenarios? Nowhere, of course! It remained the constant, unchanged space as all the activity blew through with a convincing performance that it was the sky, but the truth is, all of it was just passing through the unbothered space we call “sky.”

Your observing consciousness witnesses your thoughts, dramas, and soul-searching defining moments without being impacted in the least. The higher aspect is not impacted by your stories. A part of you that has never been hurt or violated lovingly beholds your unfoldment without any judgment. It’s like the sky with all the weather passing through it—the weather is not the sky, and your experiences are not you. Weather takes place within the sky, and the dynamics of your life take place within your field of awareness. You are not your stories any more than the weather is the sky. Watch your happenings and narratives pass through who you really are like clouds passing through the sky.

Spiritual Contemplation: Sit and watch your thoughts form and dissipate through your mind without attachment. Then notice you observing you as you watch those thoughts.

Affirmation: I gracefully observe myself moving through life!