Seek first the kingdom of God and his rightness and all other things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33

If it weren’t for some challenging situation in people’s lives they probably would never have wandered into the teachings of the New Thought movement with its universal metaphysical principles of truth from the ancient wisdom. It’s easy to get caught in the idea that this power can be used to overcome the challenges of your life. The difficulty is not an error of a real nature that must be overcome, but a belief in the physical expression as the truth of who you are. New Thought isn’t about using a bigger power to overcome a lesser one, but a knowing that the so-called error doesn’t exist as the spiritual truth of who you are. Healing has moved beyond looking for a mental cause to knowing the dis-ease cannot exist in the realm of the Infinite because there can be no otherness, no other power, hence nothing to overcome.

When you move into the realization that God is your very awareness and live in a spiritual alertness, you’ll find your needs being forever fulfilled. As you shift into being a beholder of spirit, then that which is unlike it falls away. Spirit isn’t sending your good to you; rather, it is emerging as your healing. So don’t turn to God to improve the situation, but for the consciousness of God appearing as the perfect expression that is already available. The Infinite takes on all forms. So let your demonstration be in the consciousness of the omnipresence even in the midst of the challenge at hand.

Spiritual contemplation: Where do you believe the physical fact is the truth of who you are and is greater than the spirit of your being?

Affirmation: My life is spirit appearing!