I believe that a life of integrity is the most fundamental source of personal worth.  Stephan Covey

Have you ever said yes to someone because you were afraid to say no, and then had to clean up a bigger mess later on? Maybe you allowed an inappropriate behavior of your child slip by while he was young, only to have it magnify and be extremely inappropriate as he got older. Ever take on a project that was way over your head and expertise only to have it blow up somewhere down the line and create a lot more damage than had you said no to it in the first place?

Everything that comes your way doesn’t have to be yours. If selling is not your thing, it’s a lot easier to say no to your friend’s multilevel marketing business than to have all sorts of hard feelings later on. If you know a relationship isn’t for you, whether business or pleasure, rather than dragging it on until an explosive ending gives you an out, say no now. Saying no allows you to say yes to other opportunities in your life. Saying no severs the energetic link to that which, for whatever reason, isn’t right. The Spiritual consciousness with its Infinite potential is obscured when you hold on to your head tripping instead of speaking your truth. Your time is valuable and sometimes to honor yourself and your projects, you need to say no to some of the requests of the world.

Spiritual Contemplation: Is there something in your life you need to say no to but you haven’t? It’s time to speak your truth. It’s best and honoring for all concerned.

Affirmation: I speak the truth from my heart!