There is a Light in the universe that flows in, through and around everything. It is the Light of creation. It is the Light of illumination and enlightenment. It is that which lightens the day and lightens the load. It is the Light that shines from within, brightening a face or a smile. This Light is the very fabric of the Universe, out of which everything is made. Sometimes this Light is visible as a gentle rain between our eyes and what we are looking at. Sometimes it’s visible as the golden Light that emanates from the heart or rings the head. Other times it’s that Light we perceive with the inner eye in which we can bathe any situation, person, or circumstances.

This Light is the inner essence of Your being. You bring Light wherever you go and when you are intentional about it, the Light you share makes a huge difference. You are a Lightworker. Let your Light shine and be a blessing in the world!