Forget multitasking; find the beauty in doing one thing at a time.  Unknown

It has been proven that we don’t actually multitask—rather we shift quickly back and forth between various things. But unfortunately, we usually don’t pay attention to any one of them really well, and over time this becomes frustrating, and our efficiency and effectiveness go way down. Rather than trying to do too many things at once, do each thing well while it’s there in front of you. Once you focus, you will find yourself moving into the zone of perfectly balanced concentration and attention where things seem much more effortless.

This is going with the flow —living in Grace—being in the zone. Allowing each activity, person, or decision to fully engage you until you move on to something else creates a more balanced experience of work and life. Then things are all working and unfolding easily and effortlessly. This is the way Spirit operates as you in the world: by being present in the moment, fully present.

Spiritual Contemplation: How much multitasking do you try to do during a day? How does it feel when you focus on just one thing? How can you be more present with what’s in front of you?

Affirmation: I am present with what is right in front of me. I do not try to do two or more things at once. This way I allow myself to BE as Spirit in every aspect of my life.

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