I can do nothing of myself; I do not seek my own will, but the will of the one who sent me. John 5:30

As long as you hold on to the side of the pool you won’t learn how to swim. As long as you lean on a crutch, you won’t learn how to run. And you won’t know God and the peace and security of the Infinite as long as you refuse to surrender to Spirit. When that part of you that knows there’s something more starts calling to you to let go—let go. Because there‘s way more out there for you to express than you could ever begin to imagine.

You’ll feel the nudging in the quiet of the soul and realize that this call manifests not by your might or power but through the Spirit. Spirit is not a power to be used against anything because it is everything. Spirit is a creative, sustaining expression of life, always expressing through available outlets, of which you are one. This wellspring can use you, but you cannot use it. When you surrender and align with the One and Only Power, all form that took expression under your own personal power is washed away in the affluent flow of the Divine. Stop seeking God to rescue you from some specific situation. Rather, choose to come into harmony with the greatest gift of all—God Itself. You’ll find you are secure in the flow of more than you ever thought was possible.

Spiritual Contemplation: Allow your imagination to conjure up as much good as possible for yourself. Sit in that good feeling for a while. Now open up to a vision of an even greater good to fulfill what is possible for you. What can you do now to start moving in that direction?

Affirmation: More abundant good than I can imagine is now coming into my experience!