How can you believe mind over matter? Mind is the substance of matter and as strange as it might seem, it expresses as your body. Your consciousness is the invisible action appearing as your body, your organs, and your movements. For instance, your mind sends a message to your hand to wave and it waves. Your mind says shake hands and you watch as your hand reaches out and shakes another’s hand. Grasp and it grasps, let go and it opens up. How does it do that? Is the hand intelligent? No, but it has intelligence just as every cell of your body has intelligence that responds to mind.

You can outdistance that which is running after you but not what is running inside you.  Rwandan Proverb

What’s the difference between the cells of your hand and the cells of your liver, your thyroid, your lymph nodes, or your heart? They’re all different parts of the same body operated by the same cellular intelligence under the same operating system. Don’t let these guys pull mutiny on you and tell you how to act and feel. You’re in charge of your body! Tell it how to behave and don’t let it talk back to you.

Spiritual Contemplation: Where do those little cells of your body gang up on you as they attempt to tell you how it should be? Reclaim authority over your body and tell the intelligence operating at the cellular level what your expectations are. Move your hand a few times and see how it responds to your mind’s direction. Rotate your foot around a bit and see how it responds to the direction you give it. Now take that same kind of authority and tell your body what to do.

Affirmation: I now reclaim the authority over my body!