He who brings a tale takes two away.  Irish Proverb

Guests who can take care of themselves while they stay with you are so much easier to have around, aren’t they? There is joy in the hospitality, and the burden of having to be responsible for their good time is lifted. Make yourself at home, mi casa es su casa, my house is your house, and we can share in creating the magic of being together. There is equality in the home and not a burden on the host to produce the pleasure for the guest. It’s not a hotel with room service—it’s a home where we are alike.

As you walk this earth as its guest, take care of it as your own. It’s as if the earth is saying, “My good is your good to enjoy not destroy. Respect it, honor it, and share it.” You wouldn’t take from a friend’s house what is not yours, nor is it appropriate to exploit what the host shares with you. You want to leave a friend’s place with a mutual sense of shared blessings. When your journey through this world is complete, will you leave the place blessed and enhanced by your time? Did you contribute to the conversation of the culture, will the youth who follow you carry the grace from your consciousness, and are your parting gifts of beauty lingering like trees for generations long after your presence has left?

Spiritual Contemplation: What kind of guest are you? Are you needy or are you a gracious contributor?

Affirmation: I am a blessing wherever I go!