Meet Your Facilitators


Rev Dr Petra Weldes 

Dr. Petra has wrestled with and overcome depression, panic attacks, debilitating fear, and suicidal tendencies. Everything she learned through therapy has been enhanced and finally healed through the spiritual principles and practices she teaches. She has been applying and embodying a healthy state of well-being for many years now and has been teaching, coaching, and providing facilitated experiences for countless folks over the past 25 years. She firmly believes that mental health can be improved and sustained and that everyone deserves to find inner peace and the ability to fully cope with whatever life brings their way. Read more about Dr. Petra by clicking here. 

Carol Merlo, M.Ed., RScP

After spending years waffling between depression and anxiety, Carol found herself at the age of 33 in a battered women’s shelter with her 1-year-old son and no money or resources. This forced Carol to make the decision to take charge of her mental and emotional health. She developed the courage to move forward in her life, despite PTSD and feelings of inadequacy and self-hatred. After spending 6 years studying psychology in school, 5 years in a codependency program, and another 15 years practicing the Science of Mind, Carol effectively manages her thoughts, feelings, and relationships so that she experiences healthy relationships, well-being, and joy on a regular basis. Carol regularly writes and teaches others to have the same benefits in their lives, too. Learn more about Carol’s work by clicking here.

Christine Volkmer, RScP

Emotional Integration Coach, Director of Community Engagement for Equest Therapeutic Horsemanship
Now in my sixth decade, I have traveled a long road with no road map…starting with how to leave an unconscious marriage, and a faith that no longer worked for me, to a new life as a lesbian mom, raising six boys with my partner, all while drowning in fear of losing my kids, my mind, my job, and pretending I didn’t have a ridiculous problem with low self-esteem. I battled guilt for the pain those around me experienced as I learned to use my voice and make a choice for a life that called me. And all of their pain, real or imagined, ran around inside my body manifesting as one health issue after another. I survived with the help of a therapist, but I learned to thrive with spiritual tools that shifted the ground of my being, my perspective, and my ability to work through emotions and emerge with a deeper sense of me, of my true Self. I bring my passion for teaching, spirituality, coaching, connection, and personal growth with a holistic approach to just about everything I do. Learning to live FROM that place is the game changer I love to share.


This weekend is neither intended to be therapy nor intended to use a clinical approach to mental wellness. Rather, like Carl Jung, we believe that adding a spiritual component to our mental practices creates a powerful sustainable addition to long term mental well-being.

The information and guidance provided in this retreat are intended to support and educate participants. However, it is important to note that the facilitators are not responsible for individual outcomes or decisions made as a result of participating in the retreat. The content presented is based on specific knowledge, training, and professional experience, but it may not be applicable to every individual’s specific circumstances.

Our facilitators are not licensed therapists or healthcare professionals. Rather, they are Licensed Spiritual Coaches. They have years of experience in applying various tools and techniques from a spiritual point of view that have significantly impacted their own mental well-being. While they strive to provide accurate and helpful information, it is essential to understand that the workshop does not replace professional advice or treatment. Participants should consult with qualified healthcare providers or mental health professionals for personalized guidance regarding their specific needs.

Furthermore, the facilitators cannot be held liable for any adverse effects, losses, or damages arising from the implementation of the techniques, strategies, or recommendations shared during the workshop. Participants are encouraged to exercise their discretion and judgment when applying the information provided and to take responsibility for their own mental health and well-being.

By attending this mental health retreat, participants acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their actions, decisions, and outcomes. They agree to hold harmless the facilitators, organizers, and any affiliated entities from any claims, damages, or liabilities that may arise in connection with their participation in the retreat.

Please note that participation in the retreat indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer, it is advised not to attend the retreat.