No memory is ever alone; it’s at the end of a trail of memories, a dozen trails that each have their own associations.  Louis L’Amour

Driving through any rural American landscape you can still find barns with a beauty that comes from having weathered decades of seasons. They’re part of our cultural landscape and heritage and remind us of a time of self-sufficiency, family enterprise, and resiliency. But as family farms disappear and new owners sell off the barn wood for decorative furniture, new buildings made of steel take their place

The landscape of your world will also evolve over a lifetime, with only memories to linger to tell of a time that has passed. What you do with them is your choice. Will they drift into the unkempt realms of decay through forgetfulness or will they be restored through your attention? Will they be abandoned and replaced by the modernization of what seems like better experiences? Or is there a way to preserve your history, honor your past, have it beautified, and make you more intriguing while you continue to progress into the evolving new era?

Spiritual Contemplation: Is there a valuable piece of your past, your memories, no longer honored and that you are leaving behind? What can you do to have it be part of your landscape rather than letting it fade away?

Affirmation: I honor my past and my path to where I am now!