Halloween gives us a great opportunity to pretend!  We love to pretend to be scary or someone completely different than who we are in our normal lives. Sometimes behind the masks, we also get to pretend to be funnier, more alive, and more of who we want to be.

“Fake it till you make it” is a great way to pretend your way into a changed reality. First, you put on the mask of centeredness, for example. You imagine what it would be like to act from a centered place in a stressful situation even if you don’t really feel it. You intend/pretend to be centered as you speak and move in the world. As you act this way, you begin to surprise yourself by how centered you can be. As you keep being centered on the outside you will actually feel it on the inside. Ultimately you realize that you can BE centered in trying situations. Aha – there the new belief is planted! And now you are centered because you believe you can be.  And it all started by faking it in the first place.