You can make space in your life for the people, experiences, and things that really matter to you. Begin by decluttering a drawer or closet. Look at all the things someone else would love to have that you aren’t using. When you put these things into the trash or the giveaway pile add an old thought or pattern you want to get rid of as well. Then take a look at the piles of papers that haven’t been looked at in weeks. Most of this can be recycled. As you do so, recycle some unused ideas and projects that you’ve been carrying around. Now look at your calendar and schedule. What items are on there that you really don’t want or need to do – things that are outside obligations or that you agreed to because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Say No, and while you remove them from your calendar, remove the obligations you feel towards others that really aren’t actually adding joy to anyone’s life. Fill up just one of those blocks of time with someone that you really do want to spend more time with. Now, look around at your life. Isn’t there already a little more space for you in it? Now do this every 6 months or so and pretty soon your life will have enough space in it for you to truly give your gift and be the person you were meant to be.