The sculptor produces the beautiful statue by chipping away such parts of the marble block as are not needed—it is a process of elimination.  Elbert Hubbard

I love moving, as weird as that may seem because when I pack up to move, I release things that I seem to have accumulated. Then I purge again when I unpack. Because we are constantly growing and evolving, things that expressed our lifestyle and inner essence earlier may not anymore.

Sometimes we hang on to things because it’s what we have and what we know. The problem is that we hang on long after they stop serving us or being a reflection of who we are. We keep things for sentimental reasons, for nostalgia, or because of who gave them to us. Often we keep things because we don’t think that we can have something new or different. Or we keep something because we can’t stand the void of an empty space. Yet when we keep something that simply fills up space, or no longer fits us, it means that the space isn’t available for something new.

So go ahead, toss it out, whatever you are hanging on to. Then live with the emptiness long enough to let Spirit rush in and fill it in the most miraculous and beautiful ways. This is a powerful way to experience the Abundance of the Universe. Remember that the Universe abhors a vacuum—life will rush in to fill it.

Spiritual Contemplation: What am I hanging on to? What do I have that I don’t even realize I no longer like or doesn’t fit me. What am I ready to release?

Affirmation: I release and let go. I make room. I relax into the emptiness. I trust Spirit to bring in something even better and more perfect than was there before.