There is but one ultimate impulsion in the universe.  This impulsion is love.  This love is more than an emotional sentiment, although it must include all such emotional sentiments.  It is the pure essence of Divine Givingness.

Behind all is a unity, through all is a diversity; saturating all is a divinity.

The perception of unity sees through all differences to one universal sameness.  Yet unity does not mean uniformity.  We do not all have to be alike, think alike, or act alike;  but the world is learning we must all act in unison.  The Infinite One manifests in infinite variations, each rooted in the One, but each divinely unique in its own right.

When we let the love that is within us go out to the God who is in all people and the Divine Presence that is in all things, then we are loving God with all our heart and with all our soul and mind because we are recognizing that the Spirit within us is the same Spirit that we meet in others.  This is loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Love overlooks the little differences that we have and finds a point of reconciliation with others.  Love creates tolerance and human understanding, without which we become really divided against ourselves and without which we almost unconsciously become filled with criticism, condemnation, and false judgment.  No one can be happy or enjoy the greatest fulfillment in life until he has come to see that most people try to do the best they can.  And when we are able to reach out beyond the indifference and the coldness of life, reach through all intolerance and unkindness, only then do we meet that Divine center that is forever established within every person.

Excepts from Dr Ernest Holmes