Love is always the answer,” Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past, and is therefore the means for correcting our misperceptions.  Gerald Jampolsky

When I find myself judgmental or angry with people, I can obsess about them for days. It’s as if I’ve rented out a room in my mind into which they’ve moved. They are there every time I sneak a peek through the door and I can have endless conversations with them in my mind. This will go on for a ridiculously long time until I find a new place to stand and a new way to see the situation.

If “love is always the answer,” I ask myself, “What does Love look like in this situation?” It doesn’t mean accepting negative behavior or wanting to have them as my best friend. It does mean that I look at them with softer eyes. I seek to behave toward them in a kind, compassionate, loving manner without giving up being firm and clear and having boundaries. Finding a place to stand in Love means that I stand on Spiritual truth and see from that perspective. I move from my little human ego to my eternal universal Spirit. I see with the Loving Presence of Spirit. In that moment compassion, understanding, and forgiveness replace judgment and anger. Even if the other person doesn’t change, I’m no longer hooked, and everything instantly changes between us. Love is abundantly present; we just have to choose that as our place to stand.

Spiritual Contemplation: Whom have you allowed to rent a room in your mind? Imagine bringing Love to the situation. How does this change things?

Affirmation: Love is always the Answer. I choose to Be Love and bring love to each situation and circumstance.