“Through affirmative thinking you are able to clear your mind of negative thoughts, fears and doubts. This you must come to do if you are to become aware of the Presence, Peace and Harmony of God that is within and around you. All the good that you desire awaits your acceptance of it. But you cannot experience it while you deny it. The key to right thinking and right living is the steady affirmative pattern of thought that only God’s Good enters your life.” — Ernest Holmes

Pay attention to the way you are thinking about things. Do you make negative assumptions, take things personally, or sometimes feel like life is against you? Are you thinking from fear, unforgiveness, worry, or anger? Unfortunately, this kind of thinking simply perpetuates these kinds of experiences in your life.

Turn around and think about things from a Spiritual perspective. Look for the Good and Praise it. Affirm that Spirit is Present. That Love is available. That prosperity and abundance are your divine birthright. That no matter what you may be currently experiencing, these spiritual truths are what you are going to dwell on instead. You will immediately see and feel about it differently!

Contemplate: Rate your overall thinking and self-talk – 1 being completely negative all the time and 10 being completely positive all the time. Notice if there are any times and places during the day your rating significantly changes.

Affirmation: I keep my thoughts positive and keep my attention fixed on Love’s Good.